About Outloud Orlando      

Outloud Orlando: The Homo Happy Hour is an LGBT Entertainment Talk Radio Show and Podcast based out of Orlando, Florida.  The show was created by David "Justice" Zedonek, who also served as the show's host for 7 years.  After David's sudden passing in late 2016, a group of his friends and co-hosts kept the show going in his honor.  Performer and Director Rob Ward took over duties as the show host, with a rotating cast of co-hosts including Alex "The Hipster" Del Campillo, Drag Queen Ladyberri Matthews, Eric "Thee Actor" Fagan, and "Creepy" John Capo.  The group has since added "Lesbian in Residence" Hannah Jordan into the mix.

The current cast of OUTLOUD ORLANDO remain committed to keeping the legacy of DJ Justice alive by continuing a show that is truly FOR REAL, FOR FUN, FOR EVERYONE!

     Core Cast

Rob - The Host

Ladyberri Matthews

Alex "The Hipster"

Eric  "Thee Actor"

"Creepy" John

"Lesbian  in Residence" Hannah

David "DJ Justice" Zedonek